Console DSi XL - Rose Métallique
• Des écrans 93 % plus grands†
• 3 jeux préinstallés
• Gros stylet, facile à tenir
• Jouez aux jeux, écoutez de la musique*, naviguez le Web, téléchargez des jeux** et prenez des photos.

† Comparé aux écrans de la console Nintendo DS Lite
* Nintendo DSi et Nintendo DSi XL sont compatibles avec les fichiers de format AAC.
**Une connexion à Internet haute vitesse sans fil est nécessaire.
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23-07-2012 Saheed
and makes some games like Guitar Hero World Tour virtually unlbayaple In 2004, Nintendo released the original Nintendo DS. Just two years later, the Nintendo DS Lite debuted and was better than the original by far. Since its original release, the Nintendo DS has gone on to sell more than 100 million units worldwide. With sales numbers like that, why would Nintendo need to release another revamp of their prized handheld? More than that, are the new features worth picking up if you have a DS Lite or if you still have an original DS? Well, it can be, but if you're perfectly content with your original DS or your DS Lite there's nothing incorrect with that, and you don't have to buy it. That's not to say it would be a terrible investment. For some it might be worth it. Certainly if you still have the original DS, it is worth investing in this newer update. There are quite a few new things about the Nintendo DSi that can make it worth buying. One of the first changes that is obvious from the moment you see it is that it's slightly smaller and designed a small differently. The power button has been went and now doubles as a reset button. The screen is also slightly larger and brighter than the DS Lite. When turning it on, there is also a notable difference in the interface which has been completely reworked all together. It's been made a bit simpler to use. Perhaps the largest and most notable difference is that the DSi no longer has a slot to play Gameboy Advance games. If you're still playing your GBA games a lot, this is probably a pretty huge subtraction when it comes to the DSi, no matter how much it includes. If you're someone who hasn't used your DS for playing GBA games in a while, it's probably not a huge deal, but I would've gladly taken a slightly thicker handheld just to maintain the GBA slot. There is, but, a slot for an SD card to store more data. The first of these is the wi-fi service which you can get on and download some downloadable ga
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